2002 Daltech and NSCAD Reports

Dalhousie University DalTech and NSCAD Environmental Planning Department, produced 6 detailed reports on the Sandy Lake area in 2001-2002.

(Sandy Lake Conservation Association has documents 1 – 5, but we are still seeking #6.):

  1. Issues of Urban and Rural Fringe: This study based on Sandy Lake, Bedford, had three objectives: “1. To review and document the pressures for growth in the urban/rural fringe locally and nationally, and to consider the key approaches being used to respond. 2) To examine demographic and economic trends in the urban/rural fringe of HRM. 3) To examine land use and transportation patterns on the urban/rural fringe of HRM.” P.1
  1. Sandy Lake Community Profile: This study explored the impacts of development on a community located on the urban fringe. It researched urban growth pressures, demographics, land us patterns (both historical and current), transportation patterns, and community perceptions of the landscape of Sandy Lake, Jack Lake, and Marsh Lake area.
  1. Environmental Inventory of Sandy Lake, Marsh Lake and Jack Lake: This was a study of the environmental attributes of the Sandy Lake, Marsh Lake, Jack Lake area “that impact water quality, to analyze the information, and to develop a synthesis of this knowledge to understand how to maintain water quality in the valued habitats of wetlands and watercourses.”p.ii
  1. A Water Quality Analysis: This report, created by senior Environmental Engineering students from Dalhousie University in 2001-02, involves the examination of Sandy Lake and surrounding area creation of baseline data including dissolved oxygen, pH, total suspended solids, a bathymetric map of the lake, total and fecal coliform, as well as other water quality parameters.
  1. Suggestions for Managing Development: This study integrates the information found in the Urban Fringe document and examines the outcomes of different types of development and the consequences of each on the Sandy Lake area.
  1. Policy Review and Recommendations. This document is missing.