Park Boundary Discussion Links

Selected Studies relevant to Sandy Lake boundary deliberations – November 2023

Sandy Lake Ecological Features Assessment, McCallum, 2022:

July 12 2022, Link to Council minutes re: amendment to McCallum report re buffers and corridors. See pages 11-12:


Park Planning Study:


Nova Scotia Crown Share and Legacy Trust Wildlife Corridor Charette Report:

Council Incorporates Corridor Charette in HGNP April 5 2022


The Need to add Sandy Lake subwatershed to 2017 Sackville Floodplain Report (Re: 2023 floods also relevance of Subarea 12 & 1)

Regarding Case 23307 – Bedford West subareas 12 & 1 Special Planning Area 25Jul2023 | Forests and surface waters of Sandy Lake & Environs (Bedford, Nova Scotia)


Deep Water Oxygen Levels in Sandy Lake Fall to Precarious Level, June 2023:

also updated:


Summary of A Report on the State of Sandy Lake February 23, 2021:


Sandy Lake (Bedford, NS) limnological profiles reveal freshening and oxygenation of the water column after extreme rain events; and a worrisome “Metalimnion Oxygen Minimum” 2Sep2023:

(refer to: AECOM report:  and  SLCA Response:


Two submissions to Stantec and HRM re: SPA Sandy Lake:

Dr. Beazley’s May 2023 corridor summary submission to Stantec Environmental and HRM:

Dr. Patriquin’s June 2023 summary submission to Stantec Environmental and HRM:


Natural Wonders Avian Species report:


Drone video:

Ducks Unlimited Marsh Lake video 2022: