Halifax Regional Plan Review (RP+10) submission

The Sandy Lake -Sackville River Regional Park Coalition has sent a submission on the Sandy Lake-Sackville River area to the city’s Regional Plan review (RP+10).  To read the submission go to: https://www.sandylakecoalition.ca/rpsubmission

To implement our vision of a fully realized, ecologically healthy Regional Park at Sandy Lake and Sackville River, we need changes to the Regional Plan in Halifax Regional Municipality. The time to request changes is now.

Of note: at least one developer, Clayton Developments (Sandy Lake Holdings) has requested “secondary planning” for their land at Sandy Lake. The city can choose to allow secondary planning to proceed, or not.

We ask citizens and groups to please send support for this submission to the Regional Plan review.

In your letter please include the following points:

That they evaluate the ecology of the watershed to determine what park boundary will protect the park’s assets, and then expand the official boundary to match that need.

That the city implement into the RP+10 the full Halifax Green Network Plan. 

That the city address the specific requests in our Coalition submission that will benefit SL-SRRP and also those that will benefit all of the city. (For example, we all need a tree-retention by-law to protect our trees.)

Citizens/groups can also talk to/email city councilors and candidates running for city council about your views on a good future for Sandy Lake and Sackville River.

A quick users guide for how the regional plan review can work for Sandy Lake -Sackville River Regional Park is found here.