Dr. David Patriquin has been surveying the assets of Sandy Lake – Sackville River Regional Park for several years. Regarding water quality, he has put together historical water quality data with related information, and he and assistants are sampling and evaluating current water quality in Sandy Lake and its watershed.

Here is a quick reference to help understand the terms and tests. What do the numbers mean? http://versicolor.ca/sandylakebedford/lakes/ec-ph/some-background/

The Three Lakes: water quality, and trends: http://versicolor.ca/sandylakebedford/lakes/

More about Sandy Lake: http://versicolor.ca/sandylakebedford/lakes/limnol-profiles/

EC and Ph, the three lakes and Johnson’s Brook: http://versicolor.ca/sandylakebedford/lakes/ec-ph/

Recent water quality monitoring at Sandy Lake and environs:http://versicolor.ca/sandylakebedford/lakes/ec-ph/more-monitoring/

To see beautiful pictures and Dr. Patriquin’s interesting and ongoing posts of what he is learning about Sandy Lake and Environs go to: www.sandylakebedford.ca